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Fellowships for Master Students over 23 years old

ITQB NOVA will attribute scholarships to students who went back to research after a period of working. Funding is ensured by the NOVA PRR Project “Civic and Global”, and will support 4 students per ITQB NOVA master course.

If you are an ITQB NOVA second-year Master's Student who is 23 years old or older, you are invited to apply for a scholarship to cover tuition for the school year. Up to four Master Students per ITQB NOVA master course, who decided to resume studying after a period working outside academia or following other paths, will be supported. Funding is attributed within the NOVA “CIVIC and Global” project, developed through the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) “Impulso Adultos”, supported by European Union funds.

To be eligible, students must have an advisor from ITQB NOVA and develop their project in an ITQB NOVA lab or service. They must be enrolled in the non-teaching component for the first time in the 2022/2023 school year, and be residents or have a resident permit and a VAT number in Portugal. The selection process will consider the professional experience outside academia and the grade obtained in the teaching component of the master's.

Applications are open until 17 March. The public notice is available here.

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