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Forest Genomics Meeting

Third edition discusses gene regulation in forest trees

Oeiras, 25.11.2014

The third edition of Forest Genomics Meeting will be held on December 3 at ITQB/iBET. Participation is free of charge but registration is mandatory (deadline is November 27).

Forest trees are long-lived, woody perennial plants, and continuously challenged by ontogenetic and environmental changing conditions. Complex transcriptional and post-transcriptional networks control genome expression, with subsequent phenotypic variation.

Previous editions of the Forest Genomics Meeting have provided an opportunity to discuss the state of the art on Eucalyptus genomics (1st edition) and the transgenic forest trees potential (2nd edition). The 3rd edition will be dedicated to the progress on the understanding of genome expression regulation, in particular the role of transcription factors, smallRNAs, DNA methylation and histone modifications in forest trees. The full program is available here.

The 3rd Forest Genomic meeting is organized within the collaboration of different Portuguese and international institutions, and in the frame of PKBBE-TREEFORJOULES project and the TRANSBIO program.

More informations and registration 

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