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Fundamentals of Modern Methods of BioCrystallography

New edition of the Biocrys Course
Fundamentals of Modern Methods of BioCrystallography


A new edition of the successful BioCrys courses for young researchers will take place at ITQB from 4 to 11 of October. Organized by Maria Arménia Carrondo from ITQB and Thomas Schneider from EMBL-Hamburg, Germany, this year’s course is entitled “Fundamentals of Modern Methods of BioCrystallography – BioCrys2008".

The course will deal with recent advancements in methodology and automation procedures, such as crystallizations in a nanoliter robot, data collection at synchrotrons, new detectors, anomalous phasing, refinement, and structure solution, but will also concentrate on the fundamental concepts of Macromolecular Crystallography. This is particularly important in a field of such rapid development and also because many young researchers do not receive formal education in Crystallography.

Thirthy six international students will attend the BioCrys2008. As in previous editions of Biocrys, the course will focus on basic Macromolecular Crystallography, by developing the fundamental theoretical concepts of Crystallography and illustrating these with tutorial and practical sessions. While practicals and tutorials are restricted to participants, the morning lectures are open (ITQB Auditorium).

Biocrys courses were previoulsy held at ITQB in 2002, 2004, and 2006.

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