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Impact of ITQB research is competitive worldwide

Results of the bibliometric study of UNL presented
Impact of ITQB research is competitive worldwide

ITQB Publications and Citations

Oeiras, 06.03.08

The results of a bibliometric study of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa performed by the Center for Science and Technology Studies of the University of Leiden were presented last Monday, 3rd of March, at the Reitoria.

This study shows that the impact of the research performed at ITQB is competitive with the world average and has been increasing over the years. Comparing the four-year period 2003-2006 versus 2000-2003, the total number of publications increased by 22%, while the number of citations (normalized per research field and excluding self-citations) augmented by 36%.

Among the most frequently cited papers worldwide in their subfields, ITQB has published 114 top 20% papers, 44 top10% papers, 22 top5% and 3 top1% papers in the 2000 – 2003 period. In particular, ITQB is the leader corresponding institution in all top1% papers and in 67% of the top5% most cited papers.

ITQB researchers contribute substantially to international scientific networks and ITQB receives a sizeable part of its impact from publications that are internationally coauthored (~60 %).

Considering the impact of ITQB research across disciplinary subfields (as defined by the Web of Science) there is an overall good performance. In fact, in seven areas, the impact of ITQB research is considered high when compared to the subfield's world average (and only in three out of 17 subfields the ITQB performs below world average). Combining both impact of research and production levels, ITQB stands out in three areas: microbiology, plant sciences and physical chemistry.

For the whole Universidade Nova de Lisboa, the results show a 37% increase in the number of publications from 2000 - 2003 to 2003 – 2006. The number of top1% most frequently cited papers in the period 2000-2003 is three-fold higher than in 1997-2000. The study of the Center for Science and Technology Studies (University of Leiden) was based on a quantitative analysis of scientific articles published in journals and serials processed for the Web of Science versions of the Science Citation Index and associated citation indices. Using bibliometric techniques, the present study assessed the publication output and citation impact of scientists affiliated with UNL faculties. The impact, as measured by citations, was compared with worldwide reference values.

See here for further information on this study and on the study presentation workshop.


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