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Ionic Liquids hit #1

Paper from ITQB is the most cited paper in Chemistry
Ionic Liquids hit #1

Ionic liquid's evaporation

The paper on ionic liquids published last year in Nature by the team of Luis Paulo Rebelo, professor at ITQB, has now reached position #1 in the list of the most cited papers in chemistry.

This ranking from ISI Web of Knowledge considers all the papers published in the last two years and the corresponding citations in bimonthly periods. The citation rates are used by Science Watch, the editorial component of Thompson Scientific, to track trends and analyse performance in basic research.

The paper “The distillation and volatility of ionic liquids” has been cited more than 40 times in the last two months in papers from such diverse areas as chemistry, physics, biochemistry, biology and even astronomy, underpinning the growing importance of ionic liquids and its uses.


Oeiras, 29/08/07

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