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ITQB founder honoured at EBEC2008

15th European Bioenergetics Conference takes place in Dublin
ITQB founder honoured at EBEC2008

António V. Xavier

Professor António Xavier was honoured at the 15th European Bioenergetics Conference, held in Dublin, July 19-24, for the importance of his work in this field. By suggestion of Richard Porter, chairman of the conference, Miguel Teixeira, Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada, and Teresa Catarino wrote a short text in his memory. The text was included in the conference book.


António V. Xavier (1943-2006) was one of the founders of ITQB and headed this institute till 1998. Considered as the scientist who set off the use of spectroscopy in Portugal, he vigorously maintained his research activity in Bioinorganic Chemistry - with over 200 scientific articles published - having received many prizes and awards for his dedication.


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