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ITQB NOVA celebrates Science and Technology Week

Bringing science and society closer together

November is a month in which a lot of what's developed in Science and Technology is shared, in Portugal and in Europe. From 23 to 29 we will be celebrating the 2020 Science and Technology Week with a full programme, powered by the Ciência Viva Agency, to allow participants to learn more about the science being developed. Throughout the week ITQB NOVA researchers will be present in various activities and initiatives. 


Cogito Dialogs 

The next COGITO Dialogs session will be on 26 November, at 9:30 pm, and will count on Margarida Oliveira as interviewee. “How can genetic editing contribute to food and environment sustainability?” will be the question explored in the open interview, broadcasted on the COGITO Facebook page. 



European Researcher's Night 


The European Researcher’s Night will take place on 27 November, with contributions by our researchers. Explore the official programme to learn more about live demonstration by Pedro Matos Pereira at 4:30 pm entitled “Light play in the microscopic world”. Watch it here

During this day you can also watch the premiere of the sixth episode of “Cientistas em Casa” with André Cordeiro, as well as new Lab Demo and a Quiz developed by the B-LigZimes projecabout “Biotechnology for a circular economy”. Stay tuned to the official website from the afternoon until the end of the day, to take part in these exciting activities. 


"Cientistas em casa" Marathon

On Saturday 28 November you can join a "Cientistas em Casa" Marathon on the ITQB NOVA social media pages. Bring the popcorn, a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm, and let your home become a laboratory with the company of our scientists!


From 1 pm forward watch the full 6 episodes, with plenty of scientific experiments for kids and adults. From homemade plasticine to the discovery of sound, or even the production of bioplastics, the scientists of ITQB NOVA share ideas of activities that can provide fun and educational moments.

The "Cientistas em Casa" series is an initiative part of the Oeiras Educa programme - a partnership between the municipality of Oeiras, ITQB NOVA, and IGC.  



School Activities

During this week, ITQB NOVA researchers will hold sessions for 400 students all over the country, scheduled by schools in different districts, who were eager to learn more about the research at ITQB NOVA. From virtual visits to demonstrations and experiments as part of the Oeiras Educa programme, researchers will talk with students about their research and what it takes to be a scientist. 

From 5 to 30 November, the itinerant exhibition "PlantLab Sketching" will be at Escola Básica de São Bruno. This exhibition shows prints of drawings produced by Urban Sketchers in the scope of the project "Rabiscos no ITQB". 

The Science Club (Clube Ciência Viva) of Escola Luís Freitas Branco, in partnership with ITQB NOVA, will develop several demonstrations in the open laboratories during the whole week. The students, who have already been side by side with the researchers of ITQB NOVA in other initiatives, will reproduce some of the activities they have learned and explain them to the younger students of the Agrupamento de Escolas de Paço de Arcos. From microbiology to molecular gastronomy, there will be many experiments to explore!

Schools that will be visited by ITQB NOVA researchers

In the Oeiras Municipality

Escola Básica António Rebelo de Andrade
Escola Secundária AE Paço Arcos
Escola Básica São Bruno
Escola Básica 2.3 Conde de Oeiras
Escola Básica São Julião da Barra
EB1/JI Gomes Freire de Andrade

Outside the Oeiras Municipality

Escola Secundária D.Afonso Henriques (Vila das Aves)
EB/JI1 Monte Abraão (Sintra)
Colégio José Álvaro Vidal (Alverca)


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