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ITQB NOVA launches Mentoring Pilot Programme

ITQB NOVA alumni, current and former collaborators will be the mentors in a programme available for researchers

ITQB NOVA is launching today its Mentoring Pilot Programme.  The programme provides a scaffold to support the professional development of researchers (Mentees) by promoting meetings with more experienced professionals (Mentors), who accept to give advice and help mentees reflect on different issues related to both the development of their career, within or outside research/academia, and their personal development.

Mentees will select their own Mentors, according to their current needs. The partnership is formalised through the Mentorship Agreement, which includes a confidentiality clause. Mentor and Mentee pairs meet at least twice a year and decide how best to work together (the programme provides support documentation for organizing these conversations).

The Mentoring Pilot Programme is aimed at Early PIs and Postdoctoral Researchers. Participation as a Mentee is voluntary but implies a commitment to follow the programme for one year and participate in its assessment. This includes short feedback reports on meetings (no details necessary), one mid-term gathering to share experiences and provide feedback to the Pilot Programme, and a final survey.

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