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Let there be light

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Starts today the twinning project "Twin to Illuminate Metals in Biology and Biocatalysis through Biospectroscopy”

Oeiras, 5.11.2018

The European Union awarded 1 million euros for ITQB NOVA PhD students and young researchers to learn the best techniques available in Germany and Italy to study Metals in Biology and Biocatalysis. The twinning project TIMB3 starts today, with a kick-off session in Sintra with participants from all the research institutes involved: ITQB NOVA, Portugal, Technical University of Berlin, Germany, and Consorzio Interuniversitario Risonanze Magnetiche Metallo Proteine (CIRMMP), Italy.

"With this two days kick-off meeting we want to have quality time so that the people from all the teams involved get the chance to meet, talk and exchange scientific ideas. We want to foster internal networking and promote collaborations between people that have complementary know-how. For the next three years we will be doing training in different state of the art methods applied to biology, related to the role of metals in life, including health and environmental related fields, but more than that we also want us to apply the knowledge into building new science", said Miguel Teixeira, ITQB NOVA leader of the Metalloenzymes and Molecular Bioenergetics Laboratory, and one of the coordinators of the project. ITQB NOVA team includes, among others, co-coordinators Ricardo Louro and Smilja Todorovic, and researchers Lígia Saraiva, Manuela Pereira, Inês Cardoso Pereira and Elin Moe.

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