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Methods for biological inorganic chemistry

New book is co-edited by ITQB researcher

Oeiras, 31.01.13

"Practical Approaches to Biological Inorganic Chemistry" is the title of a new book on methods to study metals in biological systems, edited by Ricardo O Louro, head of the Inorganic Bochemistry and NMR group, and Robert R. Crichton, member of the former ITQB consulting committee. Both editors also author chapters in the book.

The book, published by Elsevier, “reviews the use of spectroscopic and related methods to investigate the complex structures and mechanisms of biological inorganic systems that contain metals. Each chapter presents an overview of the technique including relevant theory, clearly explains what it is and how it works and then presents how the technique is actually used to evaluate biological structures. Practical examples and problems are included to illustrate each technique and to aid understanding. Designed for students and researchers who want to learn both the basics and more advanced aspects of bioinorganic chemistry.”

The selection of the contents benefited from over 25 years of experience in teaching international advanced courses on the chemistry of metals in biological systems. The book features ten chapters written by leading European experts in various methodological tools; three chapters are authored or co-authored by ITQB researchers.


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