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Miguel Teixeira nominated as F1000 Faculty Member

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ITQB NOVA researcher is now part of the Bioinorganic Chemistry reviewers

Oeiras, 3.12.2018

F1000Prime is a post-publication peer review service that highlights and recommends interesting articles published in the biomedical sciences, based on the recommendations of a faculty of leading experts in Biology and Medicine. The F1000Prime Faculty comprises peer-nominated, internationally-renowned researchers across biology and medicine, who review and recommend the articles they consider of greatest interest and merit. Faculty Members are leading experts, who recommend the most noteworthy articles in their fields, sharing their perspective and opinion to help the reader understand the key points and context. Faculty members also rate the selected articles, from the numerical ratings awarded F1000 has created a unique system for quantifying the importance of individual articles. Miguel Teixeira, leader of Metalloproteins and Bioenergetics Unit at ITQB NOVA, has now been nominated as member of the Bioinorganic Chemistry section, Biochemistry Faculty of F1000.

"I am very honoured with this nomination, and I hope I can contribute to the growth of the Bioinorganic Chemistry community, which studies the role of metal ions in Biology, by highlighting the articles that I consider to be of an important read to anyone in this highly interdisciplinary field, with major implications to understand life,including human health and disease. field ", said Miguel Teixeira. "Being a researcher, means being a part of a global community, and with the exponential growth of scientific publications I hope my decades long experience in the field can help shed light to what I think are important results to discuss and learn from".

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