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On mass spectrometry

Analytical services available at ITQB
On mass spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry

Oeiras, 13.11.09

Mass spectrometry is often featured in "CSI:Crime Scene Investigation" episodes as an essential tool for analyzing evidences. By examining the generated peak spectrum CSI agents determine the composition of almost any compound, no matter how tiny the amount. The Hollywood’s depiction of this technique is not that farfetched and Mass Spec is an increasingly powerful analysis tool in scientific research. A Mass Spectrometry service is available within the ITQB/IBET Analytical Services Unit both to ITQB laboratories and to the outside.

The Mass Spectrometry Service is included in the National Network for Mass Spectrometry supported by FCT and routinely performs assays such as mass molecular determination (using electrospray and MALDI ionization), protein characterization (LC-MS and LC-MS/MS), and protein identification (by MALDI-TOFTOF,  peptide mass and sequence information is used to analyse the protein digestion pattern by a specific protease).
> More information and contacts on Mass Spectrometry Service [under laboratories].

> Laboratories integrated in the Laboratorio Associado de Oeiras should refer to this link [password required].

> Updated prices for all assays are already available.

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