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Peer verdict: Highly accessed

Story of an article on improved bioprocesses for stem cell culture

Oeiras, 23.03.10

The article “Integrating human stem cell expansion and neuronal differentiation in bioreactors” published last September by ITQB/IBET researchers is among the highly accessed articles in BMC Biotechnology. The 'Highly accessed' stamp of BioMed Central identifies those articles that have been especially highly accessed by other researchers, relative to their age, and the journal in which they were published.

With the development of a robust system for in vitro stem cell culture, the published work represents one-step-forward in bridging stem cell expansion and differentiation in fully controlled bioreactors.

Original article

BMC Biotechnology 2009, 9:82doi:10.1186/1472-6750-9-82

Integrating human stem cell expansion and neuronal differentiation in bioreactors

Margarida Serra, Catarina Brito, Eunice M Costa , Marcos FQ Sousa  and Paula M Alves

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