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PhD Fellowships Plants for Life 2016

Applications to international PhD Program are welcome till October 11

Oeiras, 12.08.2015

Seven PhD Fellowships are available to the International PhD Program Plants for Life 2016. Applications must be submitted online by October 11.

The PhD Program Plants for Life associates eight European plant research centers devoted to basic research with a strong focus on translating scientific results into agricultural and industrial applications. The Program is funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia.

Current climate changes combined with the reduction of per capita agricultural land area and other natural resources pose major limitations for securing food, feed, and energy demands of the escalating world population. Overcoming these limitations through the generation of better food, feed and energy crops, while ensuring sustainability and environmental health, is one of the contemporary challenges for plant scientists. The International PhD Program Plants for Life aims to train world-class researchers in plant sciences able to address key biological questions related to plant growth and development, to plant responses to environmental stress, and to the improvement of crop varieties and plant products.

The PhD Program Plants for Life has a strong emphasis on the individual research project leading to thesis dissertation. The course component corresponds to a total of 20 weeks and focuses on training in core competences in plant sciences and in transversal skills. The program language is English. Supported by their supervisors, students are encouraged to develop their own path within the Program, by selecting additional courses and writing their own project. PhD studies usually last 4 years.

Admission of applicants is competitive, based on their educational background, academic qualifications, track record, and motivation.

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