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Postdocs united

Association aims to give a voice to postdocs at ITQB NOVA

Oeiras, 10.02.2016

The formation of a new ITQB NOVA postdoc association is announced tomorrow, 12th February,  in a short ceremony at ITQB NOVA. The association aims to bring together postdocs from all five Research Divisions and to create a forum for the various initiatives of ITQB NOVA postdocs. During the presentation ceremony, the objectives and structure of the ITQB NOVA Postdoc Association will be presented to the whole ITQB NOVA community.

Postdocs are major players in scientific research. They do experiments, supervise students, publish papers, and often coordinate projects. However, postdocs often fall through the cracks in the academic system since (unlike students and contract researchers) they have no formal representatives in institutional committees. To counter this state of affairs, ITQB NOVA had already implemented a mechanism of postdoc representatives within each research division. Now, the bar was raised with a Postdoc Association.

“ITQB NOVA Postdocs have always been very active members of our research community” says Cláudio M. Soares “but they need a voice in the academy. Clearly, an association is the most transparent way to achieve this so we are thrilled that this is happening”. According to the new association bylaws, postdocs will elect an executive committee of five elements, one per Research Division, who will serve as a communication channel between the postdoc community ITQB NOVA as a whole, and the Direction.

“We believe we can make a more effective contribution to the academic system through an association” says José Brito, one of the postdocs involved in the formation of the association. “And not only at ITQB NOVA but at the whole University”, he adds. In this first year, the association will be busy tightening the links between all ITQB NOVA postdocs. Activities will include surveys to characterize the ITQB NOVA postdoc community and a scientific meeting to make sure all postdocs know each other and each other’s work. The association will also keep collaborating with postdocs from other scientific institutions, namely in the organization of the postdoc annual retreat (the last was held in Setubal in November).

The Postdoc Association will have its own website and may be contacted through the email


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