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Prémio Santander/Universidade Nova de Lisboa 2011/2012

Call for applications in now open

Oeiras, 14.11.11

The call for applications to the Scientific Merit Prize Santander Totta / Universidade Nova de Lisboa 2011/2012 is open. This prize, with a value of 25,000 euros, will fund an innovative and multidisciplinary research project in the field of Life Sciences from two or more units of Universidade NOVA.

The Santander Totta/Universidade Nova de Lisboa has been attributed every year since 2007/8, alternating between the fields of Life Sciences and Social Sciences. ITQB researchers have received this award both in its 1st and 3rd edition with the projects “Merging systems Biology and Bioprocess Engineering” (Prize 2007/8, collaboration with FCT-UNL) and "Magnetism and Biomimetics in Separation Processes" (Prize 2009/10, collaboration with FCT-UNL).

The deadline for applications is December 31.


See regulation and application form.

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