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Remembering Alexander Konstantinov

By Miguel Sepúlveda Teixeira

Prof. Alexander Konstatinov, Full Professor at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, A. N. Belozersky Research Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology, passed away last week, at 70 years age.  He was for several years Invited Professor at ITQB NOVA, working mostly closely, but not only, with the Metalloproteins and Bioenergetics Laboratory. Sacha, as he was known in the community, was a world expert on Bioenergetics since very early in his career, particularly on cytochrome c oxidase, a field where he published more than 170 papers. Apart from his scientific work, Sacha had many other interests – he was a true “Humanist”. The most important non-scientific interest was his love for music, namely from the baroque period. He was himself a violinist and the Director of the Moscow State University Chamber Orchestra, many recordings of which are available on YouTube. He loved Portuguese culture, Chiado, baroque Portuguese music, and Portuguese literature, having been an admirer of Fernando Pessoa, specially of Livro do Desasossego. ITQB lost a good friend and the scientific community a great scientist in its full meaning.

Miguel Sepúlveda Teixeira


From left: Arnaldo Videira, Miguel Castanho, Manuela Pereira, João Arrabaça, Andreia Fernandes,  Alexander Konstatinov, Miguel Teixeira


Moscow State University Chamber Orchestra (with Alexander Konstatinov) - Alessandro Scarlatti. Salve Regina, Part II 

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