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Special issue on protein misfolding and disease

ITQB researcher acts as guest editor for Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry

Oeiras, 01.01.13

ITQB researcher, Cláudio Gomes, is the guest editor of a special issue of Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, an important journal in medicinal chemistry, dedicated to Protein Misfolding and Disease. The issue compiles 13 peer-review papers by leading scientists in the field and aims to provide an updated overview on different types of proteins misfolding defects and associated human disorders.

The correct folding of proteins upon synthesis is essential for their proper function in the cell but genetic defects and adverse cellular conditions often result in defective protein folding. When such misfolded, destabilized or aggregated proteins accumulate in the cell, cellular processes are hampered thus resulting in disease. Examples vary from metabolic disorders to neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer or Parkinson. Cláudio Gomes, who leads the Protein Folding, Stability and Biochemistry group, has researched this topic for a number of years and considers the invitation to edit this special issue “as not only a recognition from my peers but also as a great opportunity to really curate a topic that fascinates me”. Acting as an editor was also a chance for this author of more than 80 scientific papers to have a feel of the other side of the trench, from deciding the issue’s contents to arranging the whole peer-review process with over 30 scientists (besides the authors). “It was tougher than I anticipated”, he admits, “but I would do it all over again".

The printed issue will be soon available, but the Pubmed entries are already available. The contributions that make up this issue can be found in E-Pub Ahead of Schedule. Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry has an impact factor of 4.174 and ranks 6th among 54 Medicinal Chemistry journals.


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