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The picture of a super-enzyme

RNase II made cover of JBC
The picture of a super-enzyme

RNase II

Oeiras, 01.10.09

The paper on RNase II “super”- catalytic power after a single aminoacid mutation published by researchers  from the Control of Gene Expression Laboratory ended up on the cover of the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

The image used on this cover is credited to Nuno Micaelo, former ITQB PhD student, and represents Escherichia coli RNase II. While still at ITQB, Nuno Micaelo started approaching his work from an artistic perspective, exploring new methods of molecular representation and developing new approaches for interpreting DNA and protein molecular structures. Some of his Molecular Landscapes can be seen on the walls surrounding the Auditorium at ITQB.


Cover of July, 31 issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry


cover Rnase 

On The Cover: Turning RNase II into a "super"-enzyme. Ribonuclease II is a major exoribonuclease in RNA maturation, turnover, and quality control. Homologues are found in all three kingdoms of life. In this work we have determined key residues for RNase II catalysis and RNA cleavage specificity. The most prominent finding is the extraordinary catalysis observed in the E542A mutant that turns Escherichia coli RNase II into a "super"-enzyme. The image was created by Nuno Micaelo. For details see the article by Barbas et al., pages 20486–20498



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