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Research projects

DNA-binding proteins from starved cells (Dps)
Dps have been described only in prokaryotes and have been proposed to have an important role on protection of DNA from reactive oxygen species. Dps proteins can have a dual function: iron storage using hydrogen peroxide to oxidize ferrous ion, and at the same time protecting the DNA from damage. Read more



Many transition metals have been found serving as prosthetic groups in the active sites of proteins or as the co-factor in metal activated proteins, or metalloproteins. These metalloproteins exploit the redox and electronic properties of the transition metals to perform a variety of complex biological functions, being the metal ions critical to the protein's function, structure, or stability. Read more


Oxidative Stress.

Rubrerythrins are a family of proteins which contain two domains: a N-terminal erythrin-like domain containing a four helix bundle with a diiron site, and a C-terminal rubredoxin-like domain containing a FeCys4 center. Read more


Superoxide reductase

Superoxide reductases are proteins involved on the reduction of the superoxide anion (O2.-) generating H2O2. Read more


Flavodiiron proteins
Flavodiiron proteins have been described as part of the response mechanism against both nitrosative and oxidative stresses. Read more

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