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Célia Valente Romão


Célia V. Romão, PhD

Researcher DL57

PhD degree since 2003


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Structural Genomics, Macromolecular Crystallography Unit




    All organisms have mechanisms that allow them to survive to a burst of reactive oxygen species; in fact this event consists on a defense mechanism of human phagocytes against pathogens. The study of cellular mechanisms involved in oxidative stress response in prokaryotes will guide the research in terms of scientific approaches to overcome the infection by prokaryotes. The capacity of prokaryotes to survive to the highly reactive oxygen species which are produced by a stepwise one electron reduction of molecular oxygen, rely on different detoxification cellular mechanisms.

    I am currently interested on the study of oxidative stress response mechanisms in prokaryotes, namely at the level of proteins that are involved in those responses, such as Dps, (DNA-binding proteins from starved cells), proteins involved on DNA protection coupled with iron storage, and rubrerythrins, proteins involved on detoxification of hydrogen peroxide. As part of the collaboration with the two Laboratories to which I belong, I am also involved on the structural determination and analysis of the following enzymes: superoxide reductases (SOR), enzymes responsible for the detoxification of the superoxide anion, that are present in anaerobic and microaerobic organisms (prokaryotes and eukaryotes), and flavodiiron (FDP) proteins, which are NO and/or oxygen reductases. Furthermore, I am also interested on metalloproteins in general, my delight for “proteins with color” starting in the beginning of my scientific career. Over the years I have been involved on the study of different bacterial metalloproteins, which was fundamental to create a special taste and sensibility for their study.
The main goal of my research is to understand the cellular function of the systems that I am studying, through a multidisciplinary approach, using different and complementary techniques and expertises: biochemical, kinetics, biophysical, spectroscopic and structural characterization at high and low resolution.


Contact details:
Instituto Tecnologia Química e Biológica
Av. da República, EAN
2781-901 Oeiras
Tel: +351 21 4469 665+351 21 4469 665/609
Fax: +351 21 4433 644


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