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Master in Science Communication
Applications are now open
The emergence of antibiotic resistance
ITQB NOVA researchers have shown how antibiotic resistance emerged from an harmless gene in bacteria
27th May ITQB NOVA opens the doors
A day to get to know ITQB NOVA researchers and their work
Prémio António Xavier 2017
Call for proposals
Evolution in a test tube
Engineering a bacterial enzyme to degrade natural raw material
Master in Biochemistry for Health
Applications are now open
Portuguese chestnuts resist
ITQB NOVA and INIAV researchers unveiled chestnut defense mechanism to pathogen
Master in Biotechnology for Sustainability
Applications are now open
Biotechnology and sustainable agriculture debated at ITQB NOVA
Experts and stakeholders in farming, trading and research come together to debate present and future
How selenium does the trick
ITQB NOVA researchers unravel the molecular basis for high activity and oxygen tolerance in a special hydrogenase

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