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International Microorganism Day 2020
17 September | 24 Hour International Event Online
MOSTMICRO-ITQB Research Unit is hiring
Four new lab heads will establish independent research groups
Applications to ITQB NOVA Master Programmes are open
Do your master in a research and technology environment
Invited Professor wins American Society for Microbiology Award
Gustavo Henrique Goldman, invited Professor at ITQB NOVA, was chosen as the 2021 ASM Moselio Schaechter awardee, for being an example in leadership and commitment in the field of Microbiology
2021 edition of the StartUp Research offers 20 scholarships
ITQB NOVA and Nova SBE Post-Graduation aims to help researchers envision the value their science can generate. Early bird is open until 30 September
Biopolymers: unravelling the next generation materials
ITQB NOVA researcher’s recent studies open new leads to develop new-polyester based biomaterials
Who prefers a sulfur diet?
Evolution of sulfur metabolism in Archaea clarified by an international team including ITQB NOVA
On the passing of Alexandros Athanasiadis
ITQB NOVA and its MX Unit mourns the loss of a brilliant and kind colleague at IGC
The Golden Axis
ITQB NOVA researchers challenge a 50-year-old assumption on the division of Staphylococcus aureus
ITQB NOVA tests Oeiras frontline public servants
Partnership with the Municipality allows for 12000 tests

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