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News 2007

Quatro prémios para o ITQB em Congresso Nacional
Congresso das Sociedades Portuguesas de Microbiologia, Biotecnologia e Genética reúnem 550 investigadores
Carbon monoxide kills bacteria and opens door for novel antibiotics
ITQB researchers involved in pioneer study
A Ciência em Debate
Semana da Ciência e da Tecnologia no ITQB: 19-23 Novembro
Integrating legume biology for sustainable agriculture
Lisbon welcomes international scientific event on renewable-N plants
Recordar António Xavier
Simpósio de inauguração da Rede Nacional de NMR
Ionic Liquids hit #1
Paper from ITQB is the most cited paper in Chemistry
Best PhD thesis in supercritical fluids is from ITQB
Awarded by the International Society for Advancement of Supercritical Fluids
European distinction for ITQB/IBET researchers
European Society of Animal Cell Technology distinguishes Paula Alves and Manuel Carrondo
Best Poster Award for ITQB/IBET researcher
14th International Conference on Biopartitioning and Purification
How bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics
Work involving ITQB researchers published in PNAS
Ciência nas Férias 2007
Estágios nos Laboratórios do ITQB de Julho a Setembro
ITQB picture on the cover
Paper on enzyme modeling highlighted in FEBS Journal
Olímpiadas da Química Junior
21 de Abril de 2007
Ciência 2007
No Pavilhão do Conhecimento: 14 de Abril das 11.00 às 19.00 horas
Best Poster Award for ITQB Researcher
Advanced Course in Cell-Material Interactions, Inflammation in Tissue Repair and Regeneration
"O mundo do RNA”: RNA biology in portuguese
Book release
LA Meeting in Vimeiro
A research update weekend for PIs from the three institutes
Dia Aberto 2007
Bringing the public into science at ITQB
Dia Aberto 2007
Dia 27 de Janeiro 2007
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