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News 2020

10th ITQB NOVA PhD students’ Meeting
From January 22 to 24, ITQB NOVA PhD students will gather to present and discuss their work.
How can we improve Oeiras through science?
Until February 1, share your ideas on how to bring science and citizens closer together. This competition marks the beginning of a Citizen Science project promoted by Oeiras Municipality, in partnership with ITQB NOVA and IGC.
Portuguese common bean: the answer for our Fusarium wilt prayers?
The Portuguese traditional varieties provide new leads for a more sustainable production system.
Mariana Pinho elected for the European Academy of Microbiology
ITQB NOVA’s PI joins her colleague Cecília Arraiano as a member of one of the most prestigious European institutions in the area. Two Portuguese researchers from IGC have also been elected.
iGEM - International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition kickoff session
Portuguese students will participate for the first time in the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition.
Sónia Negrão awarded by the President of Ireland
ITQB NOVA alumna and GREEN-IT Bioresources for Sustainability member received the Future Research Leaders Award to study a more sustainable production of barley
Winners of the 1st Ideas Competition - "How can we improve Oeiras through science?"
"How can we improve Oeiras through science?" - 1st Ideas Competition, an initiative promoted by Oeiras Municipality, ITQB NOVA, and IGC, has received several contributions from society on new approaches that can bring science and citizens closer together.
A bacterial protein for carbon neutrality
Formate dehydrogenase presents high activity in reducing CO2 and opens new paths to develop sustainable catalysts
ITQB NOVA’s Pedro Matos Pereira awarded a "la Caixa" Foundation Junior Leadership
Six grants awarded to researchers in Lisbon
SCANs and ITQB-UNL António V. Xavier (AVX) seminars keep occurring, now online.
Expression of Interest: DOCTORATES 4 COVID-19 FCT and AICIB Call
Candidates will benefit from the support of ITQB NOVA’s pre-award team
Remembering Alexander Konstantinov
By Miguel Sepúlveda Teixeira
"E se eu fosse Cientista?" - JobShadowing 2.0
Alunos do 9º ano ou do ensino secundário (10º, 11º ou 12º ano) com interesse em ciência, terão a oportunidade de conversar com cientistas do ITQB NOVA e do IGC.
History of rice featured in Nature Plants
A sudden global cooling event 4,200 years ago may have caused the evolution and spread of new rice varieties
3D structure of anti-tuberculosis target makes cover of Molecular Cell
For the first time, a team of researchers was able to elucidate the Cryo-EM full-length structure of Arabinofuranosyltransferase (AftD), an essential enzyme involved on the cell envelop assembly of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This enzyme is a target to develop novel antibiotics to fight the disease.
StartUpResearch 2020 arrives to its final landmark
Final pitch session of the StartUp Research 2nd edition
Research4Covid19: ITQB NOVA researchers fight COVID-19
The institute leads one project and participates in two more approved by FCT to research the new coronavirus
Dynamic loops towards an efficient biocatalysis
ITQB NOVA researchers have unravelled structural details related to laccase catalysis. This discovery could lead to fine-tuned industry and biomedical biocatalysts
Wilson Antunes awarded by the Ministry of National Defence
The ITQB NOVA PhD Student, who holds the military patent of Major, was honored for his actions in the fight of the Armed Forces against the COVID-19 pandemic
Expression of Interest: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship 2020 Joint Applications
Candidates will benefit from the support of ITQB NOVA’s pre-award team
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