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Aníbal López

This course is intended to motivate students for entrepreneurship and the need for technological innovation. The course will focus on the “learning by doing” process. This will be the main goal of the Bioentrepreneurship Teams work project sessions. In teams, students will work with a chosen technology and prepare a go-to-market strategy for a Biotechnology using the concepts and tools learned in the theoretical sessions.

Bioentrepreneurship teams and technology presentations
New product development
IP/Licensing strategy
Value innovation and market creation
Market scanning, data collection, and market selection
The strategic triangle: segmentation, targeting and positioning
The business plan and financial projections
Final project presentations

Assignment 1 (individual): Summary of a Marketing Plan
Students are expected to present a 10-page summary of the steps of a marketing plan.
Assignment 2 (in teams): You Tube Video.
Preparation of a 2 min. “You Tube” video with the product/market opportunity. What will be the pitch to approach experts, potential customers, users and competitors? Students are expected to make clear the biotechnology application and the market evaluation to a potential investor. Include a brand, slogan and the team in the video.
Final Project and Presentation (in teams)
Elevator-Pitch presentations (power point and video) with the market need of your technology application, IP, market evaluation and strategy, business model, major steps and basic financial projections to an audience of potential investors. The final presentation will need to be defended in front of colleagues.

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