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Frontiers in Biotechnology



Frontiers in Biotechnology

Manuel Carrondo and Paula Alves


Frontiers in Biotechnology will cover technological aspects that aim at obtaining products with scientific, industrial,

Health, food, agricultural and environmental applications, from organisms with increasing levels of complexity from bacteria and yeast to plants and animal cells. By being exposed to this wide variety of biotechnological concepts and applications, students will learn how to integrate scientific knowledge into applications in Biotechnology.



The 'biotechnology industry': stakeholders, status and future directions.

Biological systems: Factors influencing the choice of in vitro cell production platforms for industrial processes: bacteria, yeast, fungi, plant, insect mammalian cells, transgenic animals and plants.

Animal Cell Biotechnology: Use of animal cells for pre-clinical and research; animal cell-derived biopharmaceuticals, regulatory issues. Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products in Personalized Medicines.

Microbial Biotechnology: Use of microorganisms in the synthesis of industrially-useful products (chemical feedstock, amino acids, antibiotics, enzymes, biopharmaceuticals), food industry and in bioremediation.

Plant Biotechnology: Use of plants for agricultural, medical, and industrial applications; sustainable agriculture strategies; Forest Biotechnology and production of high-value metabolites from plant cells.


Evaluation will consist on the preparation of an abstract from a scientific publication selected by the coordinators in one of the topics presented in the Curricular Unit.



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  • Review papers in the main topics covered as well as research articles related with the case studies presented.


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