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Metabolism and Bioenergetics



Metabolism and Bioenergetics

Inês Antunes Cardoso Pereira

Other Lecturers
Maria Teresa Nunes Mangas Catarino. Other national or international lecturers specialists in the area will also be invited.


The objectives of this CU are to review and consolidate concepts in the areas of Metabolism and Bioenergetics, focusing on the main metabolic pathways in living cells, how they are regulated and disturbed in disease, and how energy is obtained and transduced to meet a cell’s requirements. The focus will be on bringing the students up to date on new advances in these areas and the key questions being addressed, while stressing the fundamental principles and molecules involved.

Other objectives are to engage students in discussions on topics of Bioenergetics and Metabolism, have them think and raise questions, train their critical reading of scientific literature in this field, and develop skills in presentation and scientific discussion.



1. Review of concepts in Metabolism and Bioenergetics

2. Microbial metabolic diversity

3. The respiratory chain

4. Photosynthesis

5. Diabetes

6. Mitochondrial diseases

7. Biological transport

8. Metabolism and cancer

9. Metabolic models



The course will be organized in theoretical and theorico-practical classes that include discussion of scientific articles and presentation of topics by students.

The lectures will have an interactive format promoting discussion.

In the discussion / presentation sessions of scientific articles, each group of students will choose an article within the themes of the UC. Articles will be critically read by students and presented to colleagues, followed by a discussion period.

In this course there will be continuous assessment that will take into account the student's participation in all activities and the quality of your presentations and discussions.



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