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Research Training I



Research Training I

Ana Petronilho

Other Lecturer
Alice Pereira

The aim is to provide students with a direct contact with researchers and other team members of the chosen laboratories (up to two laboratories) to get acquainted with the scientific problems, associated methodologies and laboratorial practices in different research areas. It is expected that these internships will help the students in the process of choosing the research areas or laboratories to continue their PhD studies, as well as provide a better knowledge regarding specific areas of research.

In this curricular unit students will perform up to 2 short-term laboratory internships, one week each. During these lab rotations students will get acquainted with routines of the chosen laboratories and will have a direct contact with other students and researchers from different scientific areas in a laboratory environment. The students may also have the opportunity to attend group meetings and other institutional seminars. This will provide a chance to discuss both theoretical and practical aspects, read specific scientific literature, think of new ideas or experimental approaches, have contact with new equipment and perform some experimental work.

There will be a continuous evaluation based on the students’ performance and attitude in the lab, as well as on a short report describing the internship, submitted after the laboratory rotation.


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