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Systems Biology



Systems Biology

Isabel Rocha


Isabel Rocha, Ricardo Leite, Luís Gafeira and Patrícia Alves

This unit is meant to provide to the students an overview of Systems Biology, one of the most competitive and fast evolving areas in Biology. It will particularly focus on the analysis of biological sequences and on biological networks.


  1.  Models of Biological systems and processes: kinetic and mechanistic models, Boolean models; stoichiometric models and Metabolic Flux Analysis;

  2. Analytical methodologies for the quantification and characterization of the genome, transcriptome, proteome, fluxome and metabolome: next-generation sequencing, Mass Spectrometry, and Gas-Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry;

  3. Integration of genome-scale data with cellular models;

  4. Use of models and genome-scale data for solving problems in metabolic engineering and functional genomics.



The students’ evaluation combines the marks obtained in the group projects and class participation


Main bibliography

  • Markus W. Covert. Fundamentals of Systems Biology: From Synthetic Circuits to Whole-cell Models. CRC Press 2014

  • Systems Biology: Definitions and Perspectives (Topics in Current Genetics). 2007. Lilia Alberghina, Hans V. Westerhoff (Editors)

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