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Plants for Life Labs

More than twenty research laboratories from ITQB NOVA, FCUL, IBET, IGC, INIAV, MPI-PP, SLCU, TSL, and VIB-PSB are associated with the Plants for Life PhD Program.
Students can select their PhD supervisor among these laboratories. Each PhD supervisor can only accept one supervision or up to two co-supervisions per year. To make it clear, a point system is used. Students with a national fellowship: main supervisor- 1 point; co-supervisor - 0,5 points. Students with a mixed fellowship: Portuguese lab supervisor - 1 point; Foreign lab supervisor - 1 point. Each supervisor can have a maximum of 1 point per year.
Please follow the lab link to know more about the research in each lab.




Plant Cell Biology
Rita Abranches

Plant Cell Biotechnology
Pedro Fevereiro

Genetics and Genomics of Plant Complex Traits (PlantX)
Maria Carlota Vaz Patto

Plant Functional Genomics
Margarida Oliveira
Tiago Lourenço

Plant Gene Regulation
Nelson Saibo

Proteome Regulation in Plants
Isabel Abreu

Applied and Environmental Mycology
Cristina Silva Pereira  



Centro de Biotecnologia Vegetal 
Ana Cristina Figueiredo
José G. Barroso
Luis Pedro
Helena Trindade

Forest Genomics & Molecular Genetics Lab 
Célia Miguel




Central Metabolism 
Alisdair Fernie

Organelle Biology and Biotechnology
Ralph Bock

System Regulation 
Mark Stitt

Plant Cell Biology and Microscopy
Arun Sampathkumar

Intercellular Macromolecular Transport
Friedrich Kragler

Regulation of Photosynthesis
Ute Armbruster



Ottoline Leyser's Group
Ottoline Leyser

Schornack Group
Sebastian Schornack

Wigge Group
Philip Wigge

Helariutta Group
Yrjö Helariutta

Jones Group
Alexander Jones

Locke Group
James Locke




Plant Molecular Biology 
Paula Duque

Plant Genomics 
Jorg Becker

Plant Stress Signaling 
Elena Baena-González




Sistemas Agrários Florestais e Sanidade Vegetal 
Edmundo Sousa
Rita Costa

Biotecnologia e Recursos Genéticos
Benvindo Maças
Paula Scotti
José Eduardo Eiras Dias



Cell Cycle 
Lieven De Veylder

Functional Phosphoproteomics
Ive De Smet

Oxidative Stress Signaling 
Frank Van Breusegem

Root Development 
Tom Beeckman

Systems Biology of Yield
Dirk Inzé



Cyril Zipfel Group
Cyril Zipfel

Sophien Kamoun Group
Sophien Kamoun 

Jonathan Jones Group
Jonathan Jones

Matthew Moscou Group
Matthew Moscou

Frank Menke Group
Frank Menke 

Nick Talbot Group
Nick Talbot






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