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Highlights/In the news



Shining light to make hydrogen, 24 Mar, 2021

ITQB NOVA researchers engineer light-driven bacterial factories to produce hydrogen






A bacterial protein for carbon neutrality, 10 Mar, 2020
formate dehydrogenase presents high activity in reducing CO2 and opens new paths to develop sustainable catalysts





Improving a biological hydrogen machine, 27 Sept, 2019
Development of hydrogenase variants with improved properties reveals new pathways
of oxygen inactivation




How selenium does the trick, 24 Mar, 2017
ITQB NOVA researchers unravel the molecular basis for high activity and oxygen
tolerance in a special hydrogenase





ITQB NOVA research is “Paper of the Week”, 28 Nov, 2016
X-ray Crystallography ends scientific controversy




Bacterial nanoparticles help clean the environment, 16 Nov, 2016
New reductive process for removal of pharmaceutical contaminants



A fresh look at sulfur metabolism,  18 Dec, 2015
Researchers challenge textbook description of a microbial sulfur pathway



Storing energy,  11 Mar, 2015
Membrane-bound hydrogenase induces a pH gradient at a membrane-electrode interface




A new family of proteins for energy metabolism, 19 Feb, 2015
Researchers identify a new NADH dehydrogenase in anaerobic bacteria




Best poster at FEBS/EMBO Conference, 11 Sep, 2014
Life Sciences meeting gathers 2000 participants in Paris





Best Poster Award in Bioenergetics Conference, 21 Jul, 2014
European BioEnergetics Conference held in Lisbon

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