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Nelson Saibo

Nelson Saibo is an Auxiliary researcher at GPlantS.


In 2003, Nelson was award with the PhD in Plant Molecular Biology by the Ghent University, Belgium.

He has over 15 years experience in plant molecular biology, with particular emphasis on signal transduction pathways. His research interests focus on the transcriptional network regulating plant responses to environmental stimuli. He has been particularly interested on rice responses to abiotic stress, namely cold, high salinity and drought. Using advanced molecular biology techniques, his team has already identified and characterized a number of new players involved in plant stress adaptation, thus establishing a link between specific environmental cues and developmental patterns. An integrated approach is being used to understand plant stress responses, from the identification and functional characterization of new players in the transcriptional network regulated by stress to the study of post-translational protein modifications, and epigenetic mechanisms involved.





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