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Football Cup



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Football Cup

Following an immediate and huge success of the former two, held in Antalya 2010 and Novi Sad 2013, the Third International Legume Football Cup (ILFC3) will be held along with Second ILS Conference.

We are happy and honoured to invite all the ILS2 attendees, to play and/or support one of the following four reputable teams, established according to legume research topics:


FC GWASgow Celtimorgan - for geneticists, omicists and breeders

Team Captain: Paolo Annicchiarico

FC Plantstresser Prohibited - for all those dealing with abiotic and biotic (and any other kind of) stresses

Team Captain: Weidong Chen

FC Agrobarcelonomy - for agroecologists, agronomists, agroeconomists...

Team Captain: Laurent Bedoussac

FC Qualitians Healista - for all those dealing with food and feed quality, nutrition and health benefits

Team Captain: Alfonso Clemente



The semifinal draw was kindly performed by a young Welsh-Serbo-Portuguese international ascending star, Mihangelinho, using a completely randomized design, with the result:




We shall truly appreciate everyone interested in making this sport event memorable to fill the form at where you can choose one of the four clubs - of course, this division into topic groups is only conditional and does not prevent, for instance, a breeder playing together with agronomists;

There will be also prizes for the best supporters!!!

We are also inviting volunteers acting as referees.

After stating your interest in playing in one of the four teams, please send us a photo - portrait-oriented, with a rough ratio of 4:3 and in any kind and coloured t-shirt - like these two, because there is a possibility that an ILFC3 (sticker) album is prepared:


​The cup will be played in a bit different format than before: the teams will have 7 players playing in the field instead of 5, due to the type of fields we have at the venue, and a non-limited total number of players per team.

Please contact Nuno ( and Aleksandar ( for more information.

And, as usual when it is about our ILFC, do not worry about anything: it will definitely be fun!

Please: subscribe to each team!




Teams that played the final match of the 2nd International legume football cup.


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