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Keynote Speakers



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Keynote Speakers

Session 1 - Legumes vale chain: market requirements and economic impact

Key speaker: Hakan Bahceci (International Pulse Trade and Industries Confederation)

Session 2 - Legumes and environment

Key speaker: Marie-Hélène Jeuffroy (INRA, France)

Session 3 - Mechanisms of beneficial legume-microbe interactions

Key speaker: Jens Stougaard (Aarhus University, DK)

Session 4 - Genetic resources

Key speaker: Noel Ellis

Session 7 -  Legumes in food and feed and other alternative uses

Key speaker: Frédéric Marsolais (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)

Session 8 - Frontiers in legume genetics and genomics

Key speaker: Judith Burstin (INRA, France)

Session 11 -  Frontiers in plant and crop physiology

Key speaker:  Phil Mullineaux (University of Essex, UK)

Session 12 - Integrated pest and disease management

Key speaker: Seid Kemal (ICARDA)

Session 13 -  Frontiers in legume breeding

Key speaker: Scott Jackson (Center for Applied Genetic Technologies, USA)

Session 14 - Frontiers in legume agronomy

Key speaker: Eric Justes (INRA, France)



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