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Present and Future of Cork Oak in Portugal




Abstract Submission


The workshop “Present and Future of Cork Oak in Portugal” is organized in the frame of the Portuguese Society of Plant Physiology (SPFV) and of the “International Year of Forests 2011”.

This one-day workshop, booked for October 21st, aims to address the whole cork oak sector, from cork production and industry, to the fine genomics.

Abstracts on all research areas (Biotechnology, Development, Pathology, Physiology, Production, Silviculture, Technology) are welcome and will be analysed by a specialized commission for selection of 8 oral communications.

Researchers are invited to submit extended abstracts (deadline September 26). Selected abstracts (to be announced by October 4) will be published in a specialized national refereed journal.

Registrations are welcome till October 14.



Sociedade Portuguesa de Fisiologia VegetalITQBIBETInternational Year of Forests 2011


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