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Nuno Maulide is the winner of Lieben Award

ITQB NOVA-invited professor was chosen by the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Oeiras, 1.2.2019

Nuno Maulide, Full Professor and Chair of Organic Synthesis at the University of Vienna and Invited Professor at ITQB NOVA, was awarded Lieben Prize, known as the "Austrian Nobel prize". The cerimony took place this week in Vienna, and Nuno Maulide was selected among other 40 candidates "in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments in the development of new reaction mechanisms in organic-synthetic chemistry" according to the Austrian Academy of Sciences, which awards the prize.

The Ignaz Lieben Prize was first delivered in 1865, making it the oldest science award in Austria. It was established as last will of its philantropist and the family has passed on to the Austrian Academy of Sciences the responsability to select the awardees. It currently recognizes young researchers that have made outstanding contributions in molecular biology, chemistry or physics, endowed with a prize money of 36.000 dollars (about 32.000 euros).

"Receiving this award entails many honors in a single distinction," said Nuno Maulide. "On the one hand, it is the oldest scientific award in the country, so my name becomes associated with a row of previous laureates who were true giants of Science in this area of Europe. People such as Lise Meitner, Fritz Pregl, Viktor Hess - the latter two would even become Nobel Prize laureates in Chemistry in 1923 and 1936, some years after receiving the Lieben award", enthused Maulide. "On the other hand, it is an additional honor to receive an award originally conceived by Ignaz Lieben, father of Adolf Lieben, who was Professor of Organic Chemistry right here at the University of Vienna, at the same Institute of Organic Chemistry where I work - and who I am in a way (and many, many years then), a successor of!" explained the 39-year-old professor.

Nuno Maulide was elected Scientist of the Year by the Austrian Club of Education and Science Journalists previously this month.


About Nuno Maulide

Nuno Maulide's research has mostly focused on unusual or "unconventional" reactivity profiles of organic compounds. He has taken particular interest in high-energy reactive intermediates that can be generated under mild conditions and subsequently engaged in useful transformations. His broad research encompasses the invention of numerous chemical reactions that can be used to make the molecules on which modern society relies in more efficient and sustainable ways.

Nuno Maulide is Full Professor of Organic Synthesis at University of Vienna (Austria) since 2013 and is Invited Professor at ITQB NOVA since 2018. He has been awarded three European Research Council (ERC) Grants: in 2011 (starting grant), 2016 (consolidator grant) and 2018 (proof of concept) and is Corresponding Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.


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