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Blue news

and the winner is:


um contagiante pensamento azul

"um contagiante pensamento azul" by Ana Freire



Photography Competition


“Thinking Blue at ITQB”


Thinking blue is our way of turning waste into science. It started as a few guidelines of dos and don’ts for resources saving but it could be much more than that.

Thinking blue can be a whole world view. Research itself can be thought of as a “blue” activity. Because it can lead to a better world:  cleaner, healthier, more sustainable. Or simply because scientific research aims to learn more about our blue planet and life within it.

With this idea in mind, we invite all of you working at ITQB to participate in an internal photograph competition entitled “Thinking Blue at ITQB”

The pictures will be exhibited at ITQB during the next Open Day (31tst January). After a jury’s selection an iPodtouch will be attributed to the author of the best photography.

The result of the contest will be announced by e-mail.





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