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“Meet the Researcher” Sessions

We’re inviting experts in the field to have their own individual Zoom room during the conference. Meeting attendees can drop by each room to speak with the resident expert about research. These sessions will happen during the Welcome Session at the end of Day One, and during a session parallel to WISMET on Day Two. 


WISMET Session

The ISMET recognizes the importance in fostering an inclusive scientific community and aims for balanced gender representation in our research community and at our regional and international meetings. WISMET will serve as a networking and mentoring collective to support female researchers in microbial electrochemistry and electromicrobiology. WISMET is meant to create professional connections to senior female researchers, but also as a forum to reach out to others that understand the unique work/life demands of female scientists. The WISMET Session will happen in the Second Day, in a parallel Session to 'Meet the Researchers'.