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Health and Safety

Safety Committee

The ITQB’s Safety and Floor Coordination Committee is in charge of implementing standards and procedures for laboratory work and oversees that all these procedures are respected. The committee meets regularly and provides information sessions for researchers. 


Helena Matias


Margarida Oliveira

Vice Director

Nuno Monteiro
(Alexandre Maia)

First Floor Coordinator/Workshops &

Fernando Tavares
(Cristina Afonso)

Second Floor Coordinator

Manolis Matzapetakis
(Ricardo Louro)

Third Floor Coordinator

Abel Oliva
(Júlia Costa)

Fourth Floor Coordinator

Lígia Martins
(Teresa Crespo)

Fifth Floor Coordinator

Cândido Pinto Ricardo
(Nelson Saibo)

Sixth Floor Coordinator

Rita Delgado
(Margarida Archer)

Seventh Floor Coordinator

Cristina Silva Pereira
(Pedro Domingos)

ITQB I Building Coordinator

Christopher Maycock
(Rita Ventura)

Chemistry Building Coordinator

Cecília Arraiano

Ionizing Radiation Hazards

Mónica Serrano

Biological Hazards

António Cunha
(João Clemente)

Pilot Plant

João Carita


Cláudia Almeida

Lab Manager

Isabel Ribeiro


Safety Committee Meetings

Access minutes (intranet password required)



Safety Information

(Access from within ITQB only) 

Access page with general information on safety at ITQB, including manuals and instructions, recommendations, floor diagrams and evacuation information, as well as a collection of videos for safety training.


> For all information concerning safety at ITQB please contact Helena Matias




Healthcare - Medical Clinics

Every Tuesday afternoon, alternating General Practice with Occupational Medicine


General Practice (accessible to everyone at the Institute) functions from 3:00pm to 7:00pm with Dr. Soraia Pais - online booking.

Occupational Medicine (accessible to workers and researchers with a contract) functions from 2:30pm to 5:30pm with Dr. Cândida Soares - appointments booked by the physician and in accordance with the legislation in force.



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