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ITQB NOVA Alumni brings together former Master and PhD students and former Postdocs. Alumni play an important role in ITQB NOVA's insertion in society.

We are updating our Alumni database so that communication becomes easier. In the meantime, join our ITQB NOVA Alumni Linkedin group (any member can invite new members; this group does appear in search results) and help us keep the conversation going.

For any matters regarding the Alumni please contact Mané.


Past events


Annual meeting

  • 2nd ITQB NOVA Alumni Wine & Cheese -22 December
    see photos

Alumni Seminars

Alumni roundtables

  • ITQB NOVA PhD students retreat

David Marçal (Ciência Viva, Miguel Santos (ECBio), Vanessa Morais (IMM)

Anabela Isidro (FCT), Helga Garcia (Eurotrials), Joana Lamego (Fundação Champalimaud), Orfeu Flores (STAB VIDA) and Vanessa Morais (IMM)



Annual meeting

  • 1st ITQB NOVA Alumni Wine & Cheese - 22 December
    see photos | read welcome by Cláudio Soares



Alumni Seminars



Alumni Seminars

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