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BioResources 4 Sustainability unit (GREEN-IT) aims to develop and design more sustainable biological and synthetic systems with application in food, feed, energy and the environment through the study of biological resources, ranging from complex systems like plants, bacteria and fungi, down to the level of proteins and molecules

GREEN-IT explores biological resources, using chemical and biological strategies, to address key societal challenges in agriculture, forestry and energy, ensuring environmental protection and supporting a bio-based economy. Given the importance of interdisciplinary research to develop and support a truly sustainable Bioeconomy, 54 scientists from different backgrounds (biologists, biochemists, chemists and engineers) have joined efforts to find innovative and groundbreaking solutions to address key problems related to sustainable agriculture and forestry, new green chemical processes, and exploitation of chemical and biological resources (either plants, bacteria, fungi or enzymes thereof) for biomass and energy production, carbon capture, bioremediation and design of novel (bio)catalysts and biomaterials.