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11th Basic course on NMR spectroscopy
Registrations are now open
On building ribosomes
Paper on the role of RNA-binding protein Hfq for ribosome biogenesis and translation fidelity
Do the C4 photosynthesis with me
New paper on evolution of plant photosynthesis
Master in Science Communication
Applications are now open
Summer Science @ ITQB NOVA 23-27th July
Applications open for the 3rd ITQB NOVA Summer School
Chemistry for a sustainable planet
New manganese catalysts to reduce CO2
Plants for Life PhD Program: day 1
International PhD Program starts on March 5
Welcome INTERFACE 2018 Students
Opening session marks the start of Biology at the Host Microbe Interface PhD Program
Introducing innate immunity to 3D tumour models
New model developed to study the impact of the immune microenvironment of solid tumours in tumour progression and therapeutic response.
Impact of food bioactives for health discussed in Portugal
2nd International Conference on Food Bioactives & Health held in Lisbon

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