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Molecular Mechanisms of Biological Processes



The Molecular Mechanisms of Biological Processes profile covers the individual action of chemicals and proteins in living systems and will explore their role in orchestrating cellular processes. This encompasses an overview of chemical and biological mechanisms at the molecular and nanoscale levels, along with training in the structural and biophysical characterization of biomolecules. These tools provide a framework for drug design, development of biomaterials and applications of biological catalysts. The profile also focus on the action of biomolecules in biological systems, going from the atom to the organism, and contributing to understand the molecular basis of human disease.

Profile Coordinator: Margarida Archer and Manuel Melo

Molecular Mechanisms of Biological Processes Units (1.5 ECTS each)

Molecular Machines of Life

Proteins in Disease Mechanisms

Nanoprocesses for Life Sciences

Chemical Biology

Methods for Biosciences II (Tools for Structural Biology)

Students may replace up to two curricular units with those of a different Profile





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