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Methods for Biosciences II (Tools for Structural Biology)


Methods for Biosciences II (Tools for Structural Biology)

Carlos Frazão / Ricardo Louro

This course aims at offering PhD students a sound and proficient understanding of the main methodologies that support Structural Biology, in a thematic and complementary perspective, towards the analysis and understanding of structure-function relationships in biological systems.

This is a structuring curricular unit within the profile “Molecular Mechanisms of Biological Processes”.


Methods for 3D structural determination of biological macromolecules:

a. X-ray Crystallography.


c. NMR (2D and 3D).

d. Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM)

e. EPR.

f. Comparison of structural determination methods.

Evaluation of the acquisition by the students of concepts and techniques taught and discussed, will be accomplished throughout the different practicum sessions, when dealing with applications of the techniques under study or solving questions or tasks in practical cases presented during the various sessions.

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