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Students Presentations

Plant Biotechnology for Sustainability and Global Economy

Within their PhD studies, and integrated in the Curricular Unit "Plant Biotechnology for Sustainability and Global Economy", ten students were challenged to prepare Power Point presentations that could illustrate topics of interest for highschool teachers and students.

The topics were prepared  having in mind the public to be addressed.
The presentations made in 2016 are available as PPT, including some notes for the presentation and a  few references for further reading. The seven presentations from 2017 are identical, but still only available in English and without auxiliary notes. However they will be soon updated with notes and Portuguese versions.

All presentations can be downloaded and further improved or detailed:



[ENGLISH] Intellectual Property in Plant Biotechnology

  • 3. Filipa Lara

[ENGLISH] Genome editing to breed better plants

  • 4. Pedro Carvalho

[ENGLISH] Plant Biotechnology and Plant Breeder’s Rights: - What is fair and needed?

  • 5. Rui Martins

[ENGLISH] Plant Biotechnology in Africa - an emerging trend?

  • 6. Sara Tedesco

[ENGLISH] Micropropagation Using micro techniques for large scale plant propagation

  • 7. Stefano Nones

[ENGLISH] Genetically Modified Trees for Industrial Purposes:  How can we best use them?




This Curricular Unit is offered to the ITQB NOVA PhD Programs funded by FCT (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology):

- International PhD Program "Plants for Life"

- MolBioS PhD Program

And the students were funded through these programs, or directly through FCT, or still in a mix manner (through FCT and a private company).

"Plant Biotechnology for Sustainability and Global Economy" curricular unit aims to give students the training and information necessary to understand modern plant biotechnology in the context of current and future global needs and challenges. It aims to provide information on different strategies available to obtain products and services more quickly, more accurately, and overcoming the difficulties posed by plant biological systems. The students should acquire/deepen a critical view about the problems of the worldwide implementation of plant biotechnology strategies, to address the needs of the growing population while ensuring sustainability. The discipline covers various areas of plant research for food, feed, energy, pharmaceuticals and raw materials/industrial products.


Acknowledgements are due to several colleagues due to their mentorship in some subjects [Carlota Vaz Patto (ITQB NOVA); Rita Abranches (ITQB NOVA); Rita Batista (INSA); Marta Vasconcelos (ESB-UCP); Célia Miguel (iBET), Nelson Saibo (ITQB NOVA), Pedro Fevereiro (FCUL, ITQB NOVA), Marta Ribeiro (ITQB NOVA), Eugénia Almeida (INIAV); Ana Sofia Almeida (INIAV)], and to invited colleagues  for their valuable inputs during the students public presentations (Teresa Capell, Paul Christou, Piet van der Linde and Joana Lobo Antunes).


The coordinator: M. Margarida Oliveira


Also at ITQB/Experimenta

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