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iPlanta 3rd Annual Conference

iPlanta Cost Action

We warmly welcome you to the third annual iPLANTA Conference!

The 3rd iPlanta Conference and MC meeting, planned in Lisbon (PT), is the last major event to be organized for Grant Period 3 of COST ACTION 15223 (

The 3rd iPLANTA Conference will focus on the main aspects of RNAi products and include novelties in RNAi stability of both Spray-induced gene silencing (SIGS) and Host induced gene silencing (HIGS).

About SIGS, the main aspects related to the development of new RNAi based products should be included: dsRNA design for specificity, testing activity, mobility, persistence, biosafety (food and environment), regulation. An invited speaker from Brazil will be included in the program.

About HIGS, priority will be given to novelties on in-planta studies, efficiency and biosafety.


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