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Prot Purif & Characterization


This facility provides assistance and expertise in protein purification using fast pressure liquid chromatography systems and biochemical characterization of proteins. These services are available to all researchers and are run by qualified and experienced technicians. Users can also be trained in order to use AKTA systems independently.

All costs are supported by the research groups.

Our services include:

  • Bacteria or yeast cell disruption (French-press, sonication or glass beads)
  • Crude cell extracts preparation
  • Purification using ion exchange (IEX), hydrophobic (HIC), affinity (IMAC) and size exclusion chromatography
  • Analysis of protein purity and molecular mass estimation (SDS-PAGE, Blue-native, Tricine or Native electrophoresis)
  • Western-Blots
  • Protein content determination (Lowry, BCA, Bradford methods)
  • Enzymatic assays
  • Characterization of enzymes co-factors using UV-vis spectroscopy
  • N-terminal protein and peptide sequencing analysis (Edman degradation method)

Please contact Crístina (, Teresa ( or Paula ( (N-terminal sequencing) for further information.

Equipment available:

  • Anaerobic chambers
  • UV-vis spectrophotometers
  • AKTA Prime Plus
  • AKTA Purifier
  • AKTA Purifier 10
  • AKTA Purifier UCP


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