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Small Molecule Analysis


The goal of this facility is to provide assistance and technical advice in analytical and semi-preparative high performance chromatography (HPLC). These services are available to all researchers and are run by qualified and experienced technicians. Users can also be trained to run the HPLC systems independently.

All costs are supported by the research groups.

Our services include:

  • Chromatographic routine analysis for separation, identification and quantification of chemical and biological compounds using reverse phase (RPC), ion-exchange (IEX), size-exclusion (SEC) and normal phase or adsorption (NP) HPLC chromatography
  • Implementation and optimization of new HPLC methods
  • Technical support during analysis - troubleshooting of analytical problems, and in the analysis of results

Please contact Cristina Leitão ( for further information.

Equipment available:

  • HPLC, Elite LaChrom VWR (PDA Detector)
  • HPLC, Waters semi-preparative (UV/Vis Detector)
  • HPLC, Waters Alliance System ( PDA and Fluorescence Detector)
  • HPLC, Waters Alliance System ( UV/Vis, Fluorescence and IR Detector)
  • UPLC Waters (PDA and Fluorescence Detector)
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