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ITQB has a strong expertise in Molecular Biosciences, covered by four broad scientific disciplines: Cellular and Molecular Biology, Molecular and Structural Biology, Biotechnology and Systems Biology, and Chemical Biology. These scientific disciplines drive ITQB research, contributing to strategic Societal Challenges focused on the well-being of human societies (Molecular Basis of Health and Disease) and on the environment (Biological Resources and Sustainable Development).

The current 54 Laboratories are organized into five Research Divisions - Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Biology, Plant Sciences, and Technology. In many cases the allocation of a particular Laboratory to a Division is an organizational convenience and collaboration between Divisions is strongly encouraged.

The diversity of expertise present at ITQB contributes to the multidisciplinary atmosphere that makes this Institute unique in the country. 



Research at ITQB is mainly supported by contracted projects (upon evaluation) with national and international R&D funding agencies such as Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia or the European Commission.

Research developed at ITQB can sometimes create real opportunities for applications either through patent submissions or by the creation of start-up companies. This competence is achieved by ITQB´s association with IBET. IBET is the largest private, non-profit biotechnology research organization in Portugal and its goal is to transfer scientific knowledge to industrial applications.


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